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Remember, some of the artwork may be sexual in nature. I am not responsible for the content. This is a page for free expression.

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Welcome to the Furries and Furry Things Artwork Mini-Archive

Hello:) So good to see you.

This is the mini-archive for the furry artwork. Anyone who wants to express the furry side of themselves to the world can do it here.

I will post any piece of artwork that is furry based or related, sexual or non. Just mail it to me. Unfortunaltely, there aren't any pieces here yet, unfortunately... I'm still waiting for submissions. However, if you would like to see something you've drawn or computer generated that is furry oriented please mail it to me. There are no limits to how many you can send me, but I do ask that you understand that even if you send me 1000 pieces of work, I will only be able post them one at a time. I will notify you when your piece is up, and I will notify you when it is taken down. I will keep copies of the pieces on my hard drive unless you tell me not to, and if you want, when they come down I'll send them back to you.

If you want, I'll even put a link for people to mail you with comments and a link to your homepage if you have one. Thanks ev-furry-body.

I love getting mail. Let me know what you think and what you would like to see here. Send me your submissions--you'll see them on the page.

Maus Windrider