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Maus Windrider also known to the furry world as Aravis, the Celtic Albino Raccoon


I hope you enjoy your stay here. This page is dedicated to furries of all makes, models, and creeds. For those of you who don't know, furries are anthropomorphic animals--that is, animals with human bodies or characteristics. This is not a sexually related page, however, it is a sensually related page.

Before we go any farther, Let me say that you are all are welcome here, but please, don't send flames to my mailbox, or hatemail to any of my friends whose links may be on this and future pages. I hope you enjoy what you see, but if you are faint of heart, closed-minded, or have a difficult time accepting different points of view, especially those which may embody different sexualities or religious beliefs, then please go somewhere else.

I am not responsible for anything or anyone who is enlightened by this page or any of it's links.

This is a furry story and art mini-archive. I plan on putting up furry stories and art for the enjoyment of all. For those of you who wish to submit something, just mail to to me. The only thing that will be changed on any story is that it will be put into HTML code. If you like, I'll also put a mail link to you if you send me your email address, as well as a link to your page if you send me that.

Because space is limited, I can only put a couple of things up at a time, but if something is sent to me, it will get onto my page sooner or later. Thanks for supporting Furries and Furry Things.

Please--Sign the FurLog and let me know what you think of the page.

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